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Melissa PoeppingWhen my husband Wayne, moved me from lake life in a busy town outside the city onto a small hobby farm in a town of 72 people, I was not prepared for how life would change, the friendships I would make, the amazing people I would meet or the person I would become.

Together with some of the most phenomenal people I have ever met, we have started a movement so profound that after 4 short years I have reached our goal of living in financial freedom in one of the top earning ranks in our company.

Melissa PoeppingWhere many would find defeat in challenge, I found opportunity. This opportunity is allowing Wayne and I to raise our three children, be present in every moment and live life as a family free of common worry.

It is nothing short of breathtaking what happens when you begin to realize and achieve new visions, new goals and new dreams by believing in your highest potential.

What I believe in is simple; I believe that at the core of each and every one of us is the desire to accomplish great things, the dream to achieve more than we thought possible and the determination to leave this world better than the day we found it. I believe that we have a responsibility to impact generations to come and an obligation to show others how to duplicate our foundation. I believe that this, is how you leave a legacy.

I believe our circumstances in life do not determine our success and anyone can live their life by design. And just as it has for myself….Wellness, Purpose and Abundance await you!

Are you ready? Abundance is waiting for you!

Socrates once said

"The body cannot be cured without regard for the soul"

This has been the foundation for which I base my principles in natural health and wellness. My late Grandfather gave me my first experience with herbs: he would make a tea from various plants gathered around the farm and in his final days of passing, he still insited to drink a tea of herbs gathered from the same field.

In 2007 I completed the required education to become certified in natural health and earned my CNHP title. Since then I have had countless amazing experiences using these essential oils for myself, my family and friends. And my passion for nutrition grew even stronger when it came time to feed my children food that would benefit them rather than do harm. Combining Oils, Herbs and Nutrition into our daily lives has allowed us to maintain the strongest of health and take regard of our mind, our body and most importantly........our soul.

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