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Leading with Style

Looking to add a few new approaches to your leadership toolbox? Crown Diamond Melissa Poepping and Senior Vice President of Global Sales Eddie Silcock have an awesome conversation about Melissa’s 7 key areas of leadership that you don’t want to miss. This episode is packed with a lot of great information—don’t forget your pen and paper!

Think & Grow Rich - The Virtual Book Club Edition

There are vital life lessons that will take your success to the next level but only if you can decode, unlock and apply them. Entrepreneur top leaders Melissa Poepping & Adam Green will break down this book chapter by chapter so you can fully grasp and apply the skills in this timeless classic.

ROCK The Home Experience

Are you left confused and overwhelmed when it comes to planning a home experience? Sharing your passion with others is simple. Join Melissa as she breaks down the 1,2,3’s of home experience planning and presenting. After this call, you’ll surely be equipped with what YOU need to ROCK the home experience!

Drama: And so are the Days of Our Lives

Do you ever wish you could ever just turn off the drama switch? When you build a massive organization, thoughts, opinions, feelings are all sure to get into the way of one another. So how do you run a successful team that stays drama free? Join Melissa as she walks you through how to create a drama free zone in your team.

Becoming The Person Everyone Wants To Follow

In this 3 part series, learn the key areas to master when developing your leadership skills. Melissa will walk you through each of the key areas so you can be the person everyone wants to follow to success.

Detailing your Action Plan

You must write it down to make it so and you must have a plan in hand when you go to write it down! Where do you start, what should your ultimate map to success look like? Join Melissa as she walks you through the steps to detail your action plan to success!

The 3 MUST have events

There are 3 must have events that your team is craving but are you providing? On this call Melissa will walk you through the 3 must have events that will excite, educate and empower your team!

The Spouse

We love them like no other so why is it they can often be our worst supporter? Melissa will share with you the simple things you may be missing at home that will finally get the spouse on board.


Birds do it, bees do it, even educated flea’s do it so let’s do it let’s EMBRACE CHANGE! Melissa will share with you how change in ANY organization can be a good thing!

Presentation Success

The age old trick of imagining everyone in their underwear does NOT in fact work for everyone and can we say “awwwwkward” anyway? Melissa will share with you how to deliver that presentation with confidence, success and, with everyone fully dressed.

The Leadership Gap

The Leadership train is coming.... CAN YOU HEAR IT?!?! The train has MANY box cars on it..... Conflict, Communication, Expectations, Frustration, SUCCESS. Yes.... THEY ALL LEAD TO SUCCESS.

But how do you close the gap? Melissa will walk you through how to change these obstacles into opportunity, without having to jump on the crazy train.!

Confidence is the new Sexy

What does it take to have unstoppable self confidence... especially if you've had none before? Your circumstances do NOT define you, YOU can become who and what YOU want to be REGARDLESS of circumstance but the missing ingredient.... SELF CONFIDENCE. In this call, Melissa shares with you how to leade, share, divide and conquer with.... CONFIDENCE!

YOU create the timeline for your success

What are the factors to consider when setting your timeframe and who or what is influencing that? You may be harder on yourself than you think and.... that maybe more detrimental to your success than you realize! Here, Melissa goes through 3 things that you need to start applying, like YESTERDAY to get you where you need to go TOMORROW or.... whatever your timeframe is!

Creating a success mindset

Do you find yourself becoming a VICTIM of circumstance? Finding excuses in your past, your environment, your family maybe even your current life that are starting to define you? STOP BEING THE VICTIM! YOUR CIRCUMSTANCE can define you as the VICTIM or the VICTOR.... which do you choose and how do you change it? Melissa will walk you through how to make some simple changes to live a life of ABUNDANCE REGARDLESS of circumstance!

Start HERE and start NOW

Starting where you are with what you have. Even if that means NOTHING! The excuses stop HERE! Melissa will share with you how to start RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW with whatever tools you have available, even if that is nothing more than your PHONE!

ROCK it like a LEADER

We all have those days. Those days we NEED to lead but can’t handle the thought of it. Falling into a funk happens but when you are a leader… you need to ROCK IT regardless. On this call Melissa will share with you some tips to ROCK IT LIKE A LEADER regardless of your day.

The 3 most important circles

There are many different types of people in your life but do you know how innocently dangerous they can be to your goals and dreams? Melissa will share with you on this call how to protect your vision and goals from those that don’t yet see the vision or feel the passion that you do.

The Care Call call

Fire. Viscous dogs. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Snakes. Spiders. What do these things have in common? These are things you have a right to fear. Your phone… is not one of them. IT IS TIME TO PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL SOMEBODY! Melissa will help you GET OVER IT (your fear that is) and GET ON IT (the phone that is) and make CARE CALLS that will have your volume SOARING!

Abundance…. And how to track it

Knowing where you have been is KEY to knowing where you will go! Melissa will show you how to find, figure and work your averages so you can confidently know how your future looks. And NOTHING is more motivating than knowing just exactly what is ahead.

The 5 Phases of Leadership

What level are you on and are you RIDICULOUSLY rocking the crap out each of them? Melissa will share some insight that will have you busting through that plateau you seem to be stuck on.

Don't go facebroke

Could you be innocently turning people off to you and your business opportunity on social media? Melissa will share some KEY factors so YOU don’t end up facebroke.

All you need to succeed

The Laws of Success

There are universal laws to every area of life including how to succeed. Innocently miss one, and the other will not follow. Melissa will walk you thru the foundation laws of success and how you can master these skills to bring your team to the next level

The 3 C’s of a Diamond

Cut, Color and Clarity are key if you want your bling to radiate but if you want your RANK to radiate success… You need to master these three key C’s of a Diamond! Melissa will share with you how these three characteristics will have your team following your lead.

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